CSC 217 Lab 12 - Graphical User Interfaces

CSC 217 Lab 12 - Graphical User Interfaces

CSC 217 Lab 12 - Graphical User Interfaces

In Lab 11, you implemented the FacultySchedule functionality described in Use Cases 23-25. For this lab, you will add the front end where a Faculty can view their FacultySchedule and CourseRoll as described in UC26.

Additionally, there are some bug fixes and one piece of unfinished GUI functionality to complete!

Learning Outcomes

  • Implement a Graphic User Interface
  • Use the observer pattern to implement GUI events

Lab Checks

There are several checks that will occur during your build to ensure that you’re following software engineering best practices:

  • Library checks: You’ll be working with the SortedList class that is part of the CSC 217Collections library. Additionally, you will implement a custom ArrayList and LinkedAbstractList. You must remove all of your references to java.util.ArrayList and java.util.LinkedList from your project - including the Javadoc. If you receive a red ball and a message in the console output about using java.util.ArrayList or java.util.LinkedList, search your project for the string and regenerate your Javadoc!
  • Coverage checks: You must have 80% coverage for each non-GUI and non-test class in PackScheduler. A tool will check that you have passed the 80% threshold before running any of the teaching tests.