Guided Project 1 - Software Development Practices and Tools

Independent Task - Create WolfScheduler

Independent Task: Create WolfScheduler

For the remainder of the tutorial, you’ll implement the first part of the WolfScheduler project.

Learning Outcomes

  • Create an Eclipse project
  • Create a package
  • Create a class

Best Practice: Integrated Development Environments (IDEs)

Use the Eclipse IDE to create a Java project, package, and class!

Eclipse Project, Package, and Class Creation



Complete the following tasks to set up your WolfScheduler project.

  • Create a new project called WolfScheduler. The project MUST have the exact name WolfScheduler with a capital W and S or the automated grading will not work.
  • Create a new package called edu.ncsu.csc216.wolf_scheduler.course in the src folder of the WolfScheduler project.
  • Create a new Java class called Course in the edu.ncsu.csc216.wolf_scheduler.course package of the WolfScheduler project

Check Your Progress

Verify that your project has the following structure as shown in text and screenshot form, below. Note that in the screenshot of the Package Explorer the only visible part of the package name is course due to IDE Customization.

|-> src/
    |-> edu.ncsu.csc216.wolf_scheduler.course
        |-> Course

Figure: WolfScheduler project structure