Guided Project 2 WolfScheduler - Activity and Event

Independent Task - Submit Project

Independent Task: Submit Project

There are a few tasks that you must complete to wrap up Guided Project 2 for grading.

Learning Outcomes

  • Run system tests and fix failures
  • Run static analysis tools and fix notifications

Reminder: Running Tests in Eclipse

Guided Task: Run System Tests.

Run System Tests

Run WolfSchedulerGUI and ensure that you pass the extended suite of system tests for the WolfScheduler project.

The Black Box Test Plan is stored on Google Drive. As part of running your tests, you must report the actual results of execution. Download the document as a Word document by select File > Download > Microsoft Word in Google Drive. Create a new folder in your WolfScheduler project called project_docs by right clicking on WolfScheduler and selecting New > Folder. Save your black box test plan as a Word document (*.doc or *.docx) in the project_docs folder. As you run each test, report the results of execution in the black box test plan in the actual results column. DO NOT record, “Passed” or “Failed.” Instead, describe the results, similar to the provided Expected Results.

Make sure all your black box tests pass! However, if you run out of time, report the actual results of execution - EVEN IF THEY ARE FAILING! You’ll earn some points on the system test portion of the grading rubric for reporting actual, failing results.

Reminder: Running Static Analysis Tools

Guided Task: Run Static Analysis Tools.

Run Static Analysis Tools

Run SpotBugs, PMD, and CheckStyle on your code (if you haven’t been already) and remove any notifications.

Reminder: Generating Javadoc

Guided Task: Generate Javadoc.

Generate Javadoc

If you haven’t been commenting your code all along, go back and comment your code with Javadoc. All classes, methods, and fields should be commented. If you have been commenting as you have implemented the Activity hierarchy, go back and double check that the comments are up to date for the implemented functionality.

Make sure you include comments for overridden method that describe why the override was important.

Generate Javadoc for WolfScheduler. You may want to delete the existing doc/ folder before generating a new one to ensure that all Javadoc is updated. Double check that everything was generated!

Reminder: Jenkins Feedback

CSC216 Basics of Jenkins Guide.

Continuous Integration and Automated Grading

As with Guided Project 1, and all programming assignments for CSC 216/217, we are using Jenkins as an automated grading and feedback system. Check your Jenkins results and use them to estimate your grade against the Guided Project 2 rubric.

Final Tasks

Before you complete your final submission to GitHub, you should ensure the following:

  • You have met the requirements and design for the WolfScheduler project, except for the conflicting activities functionality.
  • You have a green ball on Jenkins. (No test failures and no static analysis notifications.)
  • All JUnit tests pass with a green bar (0 errors). There should be no modifications to the teaching staff tests.
  • All System Tests pass and actual results are reported.
  • There are no SpotBugs notifications.
  • There are no PMD notifications.
  • There are no CheckStyle notifications.
  • All code is commented with meaningful comments.
  • Javadoc webpages are generated with the latest comments.
  • That you meet all rubric items for the assignment.

Make sure that all code is pushed to GitHub by the assignment deadline. There are deductions for any late work up to 48 hours.

Grading Rubric

Your Wolf Scheduler Guided Project 2 will be evaluated on the following items:

Overall Rubric

Phase Grade Item Points Details
  Total Points 0  


Grade Item Points Details
Misnamed file or incorrect project structure -5 Incorrect names of files or incorrect project structure. This can include problems when importing the project to Eclipse for acceptance testing, incorrect location of the system test file, incorrect file extension, etc.
Other deductions -5 If the project has to be manually graded due, you will receive a 5 point deduction. Make sure that your project builds on Jenkins!

Javadoc Rubric

Item Strong - 3 points Adequate - 2 points Inadequate - 1 point

Reference: Staging and Pushing to GitHub

GitHub Resources:

Check Your Progress

Complete the following tasks before pushing your work to GitHub.

  • Make sure that all fields, methods, and constructors are commented.
  • Resolve all static analysis notifications.
  • Fix test failures.
  • Commit and push your code changes with a meaningful commit message. Label your commit with [Test], [Static Analysis], [Fix], [GUI], [Documentation] as appropriate for the change and for future you!
  • Check Jenkins results for a green ball! Fix any Jenkins issues.