Guided Project 2 WolfScheduler - Activity and Event

Independent Task - Update WolfSchedulerGUI

Independent Task: Update WolfSchedulerGUI

WolfSchedulerGUI should be updated to interact with the updated Event functionality.

Learning Outcomes

  • Update WolfSchedulerGUI

Update WolfSchedulerGUI

Copy the code from into your Eclipse file. Overwrite the entirety of the old file.

Run Unit Tests

Run your tests! If any are still failing, use the debugger to help you find the problem.

Reminder: Running Tests in Eclipse

Guided Task: Run System Tests.

Run System Tests

Run WolfSchedulerGUI and ensure that you pass the new and updated suite of system tests for the WolfScheduler project. As part of running your tests, you must report the actual results of execution. Download the document as a Word document by select File > Download > Microsoft Word in Google Drive. Create a new folder in your WolfScheduler project called project_docs by right clicking on WolfScheduler and selecting New > Folder. Save your black box test plan as a Word document (*.doc or *.docx) in the project_docs folder. As you run each test, report the results of execution in the black box test plan in the actual results column. DO NOT record, “Passed” or “Failed.” Instead, describe the results, similar to the provided Expected Results.

Make sure all your black box tests pass! However, if you run out of time, report the actual results of execution - EVEN IF THEY ARE FAILING! You’ll earn some points on the system test portion of the grading rubric for reporting actual, failing results.

Reference: Staging and Pushing to GitHub

GitHub Resources:

Check Your Progress

Complete the following tasks before pushing your work to GitHub.

  • Make sure that all fields, methods, and constructors are commented.
  • Resolve all static analysis notifications.
  • Fix test failures.
  • Commit and push your code changes with a meaningful commit message. Label your commit with “[GUI]” and “[Test]” for future you!
  • Check Jenkins results for a green ball! Fix any Jenkins issues.