CSC216 Lab 09 - Stacks and Queues

CSC 217 Lab 09 - Bug Fix!

CSC216 Lab 09 Bug Fix!

The design for Lab 08 was missing a key piece for end-to-end enrollment capacity functionality in CourseRoll - the ability to change the capacity in LinkedAbstractList. The constructor sets the capacity, but after that there is no functionality to change the capacity. One client work around would be to create a new LinkedAbstractList with the new capacity and copy all of the elements from the old list to the new list, but that’s not very efficient. Instead, you should provide clients of LinkedAbstractList the ability to update the capacity.

Add setCapacity() Method

Add a new method setCapacity(int capacity) to LinkedAbstractList. The method has a void return type.

If the parameter capacity is less than zero or less than the current size of the LinkedAbstractList, an IllegalArgumentException should be thrown. Otherwise, the capacity is set.

Update CourseRoll.setEnrollmentCap()

Update CourseRoll.setEnrollmentCap() to use the new LinkedAbstractList.setCapacity().


Run your existing tests and see if there are any failures. You may need to update the tests for the corrected functionality.

Create additional tests for LinkedAbstractList and CourseRoll to test the new functionality. Make sure you have a green bar before proceeding!

Push to GitHub

Push your PackScheduler project to GitHub

  • Add the unstaged changes to the index.
  • Commit and push changes. Remember to use a meaningful commit message describing how you have changed the code.

Check your job on Jenkins.

Reminder: Staging and Pushing to GitHub

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