CSC Git Guide

Installing Git Tools

Installing Git Tools

There are two main ways to work with Git and GitHub:

  1. EGit plug-in for Eclipse: EGit integrates Git functionality into the Eclipse workspace.
  2. Git Bash: Command-line console for running Git commands.

Reminder: What to Install?

We recommend that you have both options installed on your local machine. You will likely use EGit for most of your Git interactions, but there are times when working with command-line Git through Git Bash will be easier.
When in doubt, use Git Bash!

Installing EGit for Eclipse

The EGit plug-in comes bundled with Eclipse. However, if you uninstall EGit, you can find EGit in the Eclipse Marketplace.

Installing Git Bash

Browse to the Git Downloads page. Follow the instructions for downloading and installing Git on your specific operating system.

Once you feel like you have a solid understanding of Git commands and the Git Bash command-line workflow, you can also use a Git GUI to help you work with your repositories. However, this guide will only discuss the Git Bash command-line workflow.