CSC Git Guide

Git Guide

Git Guide

Git is supported on the NCSU campus by NCSU GitHub. As a student, you will work in Eclipse, commit your code to your local repository (on your own computer), and push your code from your local repository to your NCSU-hosted remote repository on NCSU GitHub. The teaching staff will grade your code that is on remote repository by running it through tests that reside in the teaching staff repositories.

Learning Outcomes

  • Work with the NCSU GitHub website
  • Set up your local Eclipse for Git
  • Set up your local file system to work with Git Bash
  • Identify and execute common Git tasks

There are two main ways to interact with Git locally:

  1. with the Eclipse EGit plug-in, or
  2. with a git client for your operating system.

Each section below will approach the topic from both the Eclipse Egit plug-in and git bash perspective. The last two sections provide an example workflow with each tool. A third way is to use a Git GUI tool; however, this guide will only discuss the EGit plug-in and command line git bash client.

Table of Contents

The guide will cover the following items: