Software Testing

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CSC116: Software Testing

Authors: Dr. Sarah Heckman (, Dr. Jason King (, and Dr. Jessica Young Schmidt (

Date: 8/2017

Version: 6.0.0

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Learning Outcomes

  • Describe the purpose of testing.
  • Describe the testing process.
  • Describe how black box and white box testing differ and why each are necessary.
  • Describe the purpose of black box testing.
  • Write black box test cases in table form (Black Box Test Plan) based on program requirements.
  • Write black box test cases using equivalence classes and boundary value analysis.
  • Describe the purpose of white box testing.
  • Write white box test cases in the form of a test class.
  • Draw a control flow diagram for given code. Calculate the cyclomatic complexity of given code.
  • List valid path through given code using control flow diagram.
  • Write white box test cases using basis paths, equivalence classes, and boundary value analysis
  • Describe the purpose of debugging.
  • Apply debugging techniques.

The following are the software testing materials we will use within CSC116: